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My essential pieces:

  • Two or three pairs of well-fitting jeans. Actually, nowadays I like wearing jeans that are stretchier than usual... think Jeggings for guys.

  • A few V-neck or crewneck t-shirts in black and white.

  • 2 or 3 button-up shirts that you really like

  • Skate shoes are durable, cheap, and look good. I skate and longboard but I feel they're pretty ideal even for non-skaters.

  • A few good sweaters including a favourite cardigan and a zip-up of some sort (hoodie or hoodless)

That's it, simple really. Throw in some weather specific stuff (coats, scarves, shorts, tanktops, boots) depending on your locality, and some favourite graphic/pattern t-shirts and you're good to go.


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Before college I didn't pay attention to what I used to wear. Now that I lost weight and packed on some muscle, shirts that are one size smaller are a must (Wear a small instead of a med). I feel it shows off all the work I put in and you can see the shape of my body. I wear the same color shoes and pants (black jeans) and I wear some shoes to dress the Jeans up. I usually finish my outfit off with a nice watch. Everything else pretty much changes from day to day. If anyone else has any ideas I'd definitely listen, I am pretty new to trying to look my best ^,^.


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  • 3 to 5 heavyweight solid color tees. I really like the tees from Left Field NYC. They're nice and heavy and the collars are reinforced so they don't do that weird thing were the collar wrinkles and looks weird.
  • A variety of oxford button downs. Mine are from a variety of shops but mainly from Taylor Stitch and Ratio Clothing. I think I'd like to add a few linen shirts for warmer days, as well.
  • 2 to 3 pairs of denim at different points in the fading process. Right now I have 1 light-weight N&F, 1 light-weight Gustin, and 2 mid-weight Gustins.
  • A handful of shorts. I have a couple chino shorts in olive and khaki from Taylor Stitch and navy from Jomers, some linen shorts in light indigo from Jomers, and technical shorts from Proof NY in navy. Oh, and I also have a pair of linen leisure shorts from Taylor Stitch.
  • Linen trousers from Jomers.
  • A couple of pairs of sneakers to rotate. I have a pair of Nike Killshot 2s (currently with my ex-gf and having trouble getting them back), grey Nike Wardour Slips that I've beat to hell, and this next week I'm ordering a pair of Novesta Star Masters in white.


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A nice white dress shirt is worth owning, could pair up with almost any suit/blazer for a variety of occasions. No need to spend money on multiple shirts if you only wear a jacket a few times a year, get a white shirt and mix and match ties if you're so inclined.