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The mix and master sounds nice. Sounds totally professional to me.

I heard during the quiet the parts some buzzing, but, its a very small nitpick. The music itself is great!

I like the change of theme during the break down.

Good job and keep going!


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I'm not as much a fan of pop punk as I was 2 years ago, but I can definitely dig it, and I see the influence there. your home production is competent, and the vocals sound great and natural. Your voice is above average for what you're aiming for too!

I think your pre-chorus and chorus are fantastic.

Your second verse sounds a little "bored" to me if that makes sense. I would've liked to hear some bass fills or maybe even drum fills in the guitar breaks and I think that would've added a lot of energy and just that little bit of extra contrast the first section of the song needs. I'm not a fan of pop guitar solos, but I don't like pop, so someone else's opinion on that would be more valid (lol) I think the outro on your song works decently well too. I maybe would've liked to hear slight deviation from that melodic motive, though.

Overall, good job. It sounds like you're on your way. You have the voice and the chops, and if you got a band together the pieces would fit together shortly for you.

Good luck!