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the fact that the real cover has a headline that reads "is success an illness?" tells me everything i need to know.

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I'm more disturbed by the sexualized fat than the one in the moomoo.

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I was walking around the mall for the first time in a couple years and walked right past a lingerie store. On the windows were larger than life sized posters of fat women modeling underwear. They weren't death fats, but there defiantly weren't athletic type either.

Back when I was still in school, I remember having a public speaker come and talk about how you should be proud of your body and that advertisements have an unrealistic body type since the models are all 6 foot or taller with specific leg/torso proportions, topped off with makeup and photoshop. They talked about anorexia and bulimia and stuff. Everything they said made since to a degree.

However, we have since moved on far past that original point they made and are now putting chubby people on lingerie stores. There is nothing unobtainable about an athletic build, and I'm not talking about the washboard abs beach bod build either.

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Whats even worse is that the blob has a pretty face, so if she wasn't the staypuft marshmallow man she wouldnt be that bad. . . But shes like 4 women in one, so i mean; come on!

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No. She has a great makeup artist. You scrub that thing clean and you wouldn't recognize her then your dick would crawl up your ass.

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100$ says youre god damn right. Fuuuuuuuuck.