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The money was already Iran's. It was just being held hostage because israel said so.

It was one of the greatest display of the kike's control over the US.

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Politicians can't resist tapping SS's endowment, but they won't touch Iran's frozen funds? I call bullshit.

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That's not entirely correct and implies that SS operates like a savings account. It actually operates like a pyramid scheme, and by law any extra funds that SS receives that are not used to pay for it's administration and payments are used to purchase treasury securities. Said securities can only be used to fund admin and payments. If SS doesn't collect more than they pay out they can pay out less or dip into the securities, and when you prematurely cash in a security you don't get the promised interest. When you hear about "raiding" SS what they mean is they're cashing in those securities prematurely to continue to pay out a full check.

Don't get me wrong SS is a fucking terrible program, there are more than enough legitimate reasons to hate it, don't hate it for fabricated reasons.

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Not accurate ,the total is around 12 billion (via fox news) that obama paid to "death to america" iran.

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According to what (((they))) have released, the money was "already theirs" and had been sitting palletized for some time.

Don't know that i believe that, but that's the official sorry.

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Jesus fucking Christ O.P. ,SOURCE THIS SHIT. FAGGGGGOT

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Um. He have Israel $10 BILLION you faggot

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Wasn't it $400 million? Not $150 billion?