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There is not much to believe in this regard, because to them their private parts never existed, but were just made up in their mind. Its one of the greatest denials in our age and it has the potential to not be only more damaging than the denial of race(because most accept this as common sense), but this has the potential to inflame the denial of race and turn it against us.

Ultimately, the critique against it lies in the fact that it is all a social construct, so nothing can subjectively critique it for being wrong on the basis of Gender critical theory, but in fact is wrong when one considers it subjectively, how is it possible to overcome Gender, just with a reassignment of sex. Its all pure symbolism and does not convert over to reality at all, but only a sense of reality and this sense this non-reality can't be both a reality and non-reality, because when one is working within a binary "construct" as the leftists state it comes down to a Buridan's Ass kind of logic inverted(pun intended), where yes ultimately its either male or female, but ultimately the differences do not come down(using the leftist logic) private parts or even brain chemistry, which empowers the transsexualism argument and is a non-justifiable critique to justify the whole thing, but on what we call the practical things of existence and which drives on existence(the anthropological argument which all those Race Theorists and the radical feminists that get along with them so well should agree with how their logic works, but disagrees on how it is to work and the dynamics behind it, creating not only a contradiction, but also because their logic only applies to themselves and not humanity as they purport or at least a version of humanity that is essentially Africanized.

They just create a "spook" and call it everything and put all their money into a very niche market, because they know how explosive it can get and in essence their logic is flawed, because at once they can create a new logical model, but it is subjective and unverifiable, they can't provide a new logical critique of it, except over a certain kind of symbolism and if private parts are merely religious like symbols like some of these people think(maybe without even being conscious of it) then there is nothing critical about their theory(not really a theory and let me give you a hint white preservationists race theory is actually legitimate on so many different planes of reality its uncanny).

Its critical in another sense though. Its the grand emergency and panic mentality that spookfies a certain idea or notion and then tries to pin it down to reality when in fact it contradicts practical reality, such as efficient cause, generation of new humans. and ultimately the grand logic behind the "formal" reality of existence. There are other major issues involved too, but these people would never think of the fact there is no grand logical connector between their brutish physicalism and symbolism, which is not merely a process of internalized and mental structures, but basic human biology and how nature works.

Its God at work and the Teleological argument at play and given the leftist logic these things have a much better chance of existing than their own critical theory and probability wise and when the cards of creation are all stacked up and projected towards a higher transcendental concept that moves us to the very end, but perhaps humans don't like to think in such a rational and structured manner, but it should be the base constituency of language-conceptual development/acquirement and the drive to survive, according to the leftist argument.

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Bruce doesn't have the balls to have his balls chopped off

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Did he actually do it, though? I doubt it.

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Nope he still has his flaccid cock

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All celebs are transgender. Little bruce is just returning to factory settings.