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well...I do hate black people.

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funny how 13% of the population has such sway when more than half of th can't even be arsed to fill out a simple job application

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Branco hits one out of the ballpark. Nice!

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Say what you want but if I could hitch some niggers up to a wagon for a day it would be the most work a nigger has done in a hundred years.

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Forgot the Ben Garrison tag.


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Guys, guys, I have a brilliant idea. Let's tell the blacks that the democrats are the real racist. Surely, the fine gentlemen of color will realize that they don't need the free shit they get from the gubmint and all they have to do is work for a living. If we only explained to them how the party that enslaved their ancestors 200 years ago is the same party that's now giving the free stuff they'd reject their gibs and join our ranks.

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Now scratch that with mestiszo and you'll get the 2018 version.

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Probably didn't need all the other labels "election" "black vote."