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When your local McDonalds hosts a meeting between 7 CEOs and they all decide to ratify the cosnittutions of the United Franchises of America,

all your properties and selves are instantly annexed by this new state without most people's input or signing.

But they guarantee free refunds and the right to complain, give feedback, and bare... forks.

muh consent

being signed into a contract without your consent by common law standards

literally any democracy

100 years later

The overseer of shareholders himself (abstarct diety) says the document is a living contract, representatives of the congregation of advertisers agree.

You now need a background check to purchase your own fork.

You are completely fucked because almost everyone agrees with statism, amplified with commie logic.

Mcdonalds gives free public food to children, without the united states of franchises, the children would starve to death. We can't count on parents to feed their children, someone has to protect them.

If children vomit, an army of doctors forces them to take anti-vomiting pills. So neither the education system nor the parents have to look bad. Thus everyone saves face and act like a vitcim when save child does anything bad to anyone.

replace food with education


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Seriously can you hook me up with your dealer LSD is really hard to get here.


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Doesn't require LSD, maybe after a few cycles of evolution you can get on my level.