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Agreed. Taxation can only be eliminated through the elimination of the state, which would entail the elimination of societal hierarchy. Hierarchies have existed for hundreds of millions of years in the animal kingdom -- anyone dedicated to existing in reality instead of fantasy will understand that no large and advanced society can exist without hierarchy, without a state, without government -- and therefore, without taxation. A small community of high IQ, highly skilled individuals -- sure! But not a society.

I consent to taxation because I understand the need for representatives, military, and public works in a society comprised of people from all across the bell curve (so a real society).


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Thank you for putting it so much more eloquently than I. I know of very few people that like paying taxes. I realize it's a necessity in an advanced society and my main concern is the small choice I have in the use of the taxes. Voting and activism seem to be my only recourse, and I don't see that doing much.


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Taxes are the fees for living in society.