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The Holocaust never happened.

Elie Wiesel's book Night is a complete work of fiction, and he was never in a concentration camp.

Anne Frank's Diary is fiction, and she was even in the process of rewriting it to make it sound more dramatic.

Zyclon-B can't travel through pipes into fake shower heads.

The chimney at Auschwitz is fake, and not even connected to Krema 1.

6 million Jews have been holocausted multiple times throughout history, it just keeps happening!

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We will never truly know for sure, at the time it was in everyone's interests to demonize the Nazis. Now that the dust has settled anyone that tries to sift through it is faced with "you're an anti-Semite" and threatened with career suicide. You can be jailed for questioning it in dozens of countries...

I don't know about you but, I will never believe something that is against the law to deny.


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They are already preparing to cover that my friend by controlling what is on the internet and deleting data and facts so they can never be found again.


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I remember is school being marked wrong on tests and arguing the point until i started pulling books off the shelves and showing my sources. The next week the teachers removed all the books and bookshelves and we were taught from printed handouts from then on. That was many years ago now, i can only imagine its worse


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Trufe, trufe! Nothin but the truth my man, I tell it to the youth, my man, c'mon, c'mon.