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I know I shouldn't invade you guys' last 'safe space' here at Voat, but I just had to. You white cucks have nothing left going for you except screaming on internet forums about how unfair everything is for you now.

Boo-hoo. White cucks can't find any 'pure' white TV shows to watch. This is my sad face. :)

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Make me, you fag cuck.

Oh, that's right. You white cucks can only talk shit on the internet these days. How far the white race has fallen. In America, all you fags have left is whining about how you can't find enough 'white TV programs' to watch. Meanwhile, your daughters are sucking black cock left and right and your wives are cucking you for even the ugliest black motherfuckers and using you as piggy banks. In Europe, you're literally getting cucked while Muslim invaders rape your women and children.

Don't worry, you white cuck, "that day" will come and you will make white civilization great again or whatever. lololol