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We need far more content like this on Voat instead of the petty squabbling, etc everywhere. Take my upvoat; this is good content! :D

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Shit, this is easy mode !

When we change individual links or sections on conveyor chains, we use a blow torch, a sledge hammer and a ball peen hammer. The sledge works as an anvil (you don't want to be that guy) and the ball peen shapes the rivet head.

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My brother in law has several railroad spikes he plans on turning into bucking bars. He wants to build his own kit aircraft some day, but my sister isn't too keen on the idea.

Also, rivets will never go away seeing how someone has to repair or replace them. Plus a rivet can be stronger than a bolt.

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Awesome project, I can understand the misus being cold to the idea though.

Yep, rivets are indispensable and depending on the use much more reliable than bolts. Old tech is often the best tech.

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That is riveting to watch.

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This electrician is hard for that hot riviting.

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I think you are maybe the only other electrician I’ve heard from on Voat.

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I'm no electrician, but I sortof imitate one sometimes. Security is all low-volt stuff

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I've got a while drawer full of rivets. Albeit much smaller for armour.

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I had used thousands of rivets when I used to work on small aircraft. Never quite that large, though. Still pretty common in certain fields of engineering.

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It looked like E.T. was on the right.