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What if this wasnt the first time? We’re stuck inside some sort of techno bubble where the elites keep rewriting history. Erasing time lines and tech advancements.

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The Islamic State (Sharia) has expanded by means of war and slavery for 1,400 years, ending only in 1924. It began its decline at Vienna on 9/11/1683 when the Poles broke their siege. It was resurrected again aftee 9/11/2001.

We are told that the dark ages were brought on by Christians, not Muslims, and that it only happened in Europe, not in North Africa and Persia. Except Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Palestine were all Christian under Roman rule and are now Islamic and unscientific and without a powerful trade industry.

We are told that the Crusades were an initiation of violence done for profit. When it was a too little, too late reaponse to the Islamic take over of the holy land, the Byzantine Empire, and the Mediterranean Sea.

We are told that Western European nations perpetrated slavery and ought to be forever punished and guilty, we are taught that Hitler is the greatest destroyer of the Jews.

Meanwhile, Islam is fundamentally based upon enslaving non-muslims or otherwise killing them and is responsible for 270 million deaths.

Muslims call a nation of laws Jahiliyyah. Jahiliyyah means "the time before Sharia." They use this term to describe the pre-Sharia history of conquered nations like Egypt. This is also the term they use to describe modern day Europe and the Americas.

Indeed, elites prefer us not to know the truth.

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But what does this (supposedly non muslim) elite gain for turning all world to shit?

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A lot of those elites are ignorant themselves.

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That's overly black pilled I think. Lies have a way of unraveling over time.

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TPTB are trying to keep us perpetually stuck in the 1970s.

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Why would you bother in the cartoon which was supposed to be more historical. Why would you bother to draw them black? That's not showing diversity in hiring or anything.

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so dont let these bastard do this, in the 1930s atmosphere was quite similar to today's political atmosphere, back then our ancestors revolted against the communist/marxist all over the world, today also we need to do the same thing, let fascism rise again.

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The majority of the people in this image never existed. Margaret of Anjou is the only one who was a real person, the rest are fictional characters.

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If they succeed in whiping us out (they won't though, they're all but doomed at this point) then I'd hope they do. If all that's left is a bunch of raceless, Islamized and cultureless slaves then I'd rather they destroy it all, every trace of white people ever. They don't deserve the tiniest scrap of it.

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Are black people not the least bit bothered by this?

They have their own history to be proud of, enough to fill a whole month. Should these actors not be celebrating that instead of using white history as a crutch.

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Yes, that is precisely what they're doing.

Talk to a recent college graduate and they have zero knowledge of what happened in the last hundred years. They have a few incorrect soundbites and nothing else.

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Oh how wonderfully tasty those salty tears would be if they casted a white person for the role of a midnight black historical figure...

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