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Why? She got destroyed by a tranny in one of the most overhyped martial arts match up in history and hasnt won since.

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https://tweetsave.com/arielhelwani/status/1005639445733879808 :

Ariel Helwani on Twitter: "Ronda Rousey will be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame next month in Las Vegas, multiple sources confirm. First reported by the LA Times."

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shes a wwe womens championship candidate.

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My sensei watched that fight and said "She'll never fight again."

Who? Dennis Franklin

What? Taikwondo, Golden gloves, some pro boxing, 1994 American Kickboxing champ, current kyokushin national champ having broken 3 ribs and 2 legs to win it, trains in Las Vegas with Mayweather Jr and the UFC guys until their coaches stop the session or they need a break, knocked out all the teachers and black belts of the jujitsu gyms in town because they thought differently: "Look guys, you don't want fight me without gloves." ---> "No it's good, this is what we do. Let's do this."

"Mayweather's real slippery, you gotta work the body." ---> McGregor didn't.

America's real champ is not in the limelight.

"There's no money in fighting."