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I'm so happy the Stipe and DC won. They're both top notch champs and set good examples of being a good person.


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Francis was waaay overconfident. You have to have that confidence and that belief but it needs to be tempered. You can't have your fighter thinking he can walk through his opponent's punches or believing 100% you're going to KO him in 2 rounds. What happens when the other guy's still standing? We saw that when Stipe wore down and beat up Ngannou. It's a lesson Ng had to learn. I really believe Ng, his camp and practically everyone else in the world thought he would easily KO Stipe. If he didn't, he thought he could easily shove off his takedowns and smack him around the ring. I think Ng believed Stipe would literally run from him and shoot desperately for shoe laces. He didn't count on stipe firing back, being in his face, and riding him with that double leg. He didn't count on stipe grapevining him and holding him down either.

If Ng keeps his head on straight, keeps developing his skills and comes back, I don't see anyone beating him. His sheer strength and KO power, even when he was so exhausted he could barely stand, was amazing. His chin is solid too. Ng didn't just not look for a way out, he was trying to win the fight, even in the 5th round. I was impressed with his heart.

Stipe is the man. LOL at Dana already trying to setup a fight between Stipe and DC. He REALLY wants Stipe beaten. It's Dana's fault for not promoting him at all. Everyone thought Ng would win but Stipe and his camp. That was game planning, experience, grappling and conditioning that beat NG. Let's not forget the huge balls and heart Stipe brought into the ring with him.

Still, I think NG's camp is out of its depth. I'm not saying they are a bad camp. There is only so much you can develop a fighter in a few years. It's just some of that stuff, there is no excuse for. These guys using towels and promoting a brand instead of ice on their fighter, the way Ng came in way overconfident caused him to eat some very hard shots he easily could have avoided had he been a little more cautious or worked behind a jab. I still don't know why Ng didn't come in at least 7 or 8 lbs lighter and avoid the weight cut altogether. If he did some more road work, came in a little lighter, he could just skip that. He'd have almost all that power and be able to last longer. There is just no excuse for Ng not being in that fight for 2 rounds. I mean, I give all the credit to his camp for what they've done with him but at this point, they're probably out of their depth. Ng should have had a better strategy, should have been better prepared mentally and should have came in slimmer. He admitted a lot of that post fight. I can't wait to see him back. It really sets up the HW division for a rematch between these two.

Always easy to armchair QB this shit with my coffee while sitting at my computer. Still, I love fights like this where the smaller, less athletic underdog beats a larger, freakishly athletic opponent using experience, mental fortitude and gameplanning. I watched the fight 2x. Stipe's performances reminded me so much of Randy Couture's performances. And like Randy, him and Dana are already on the outs :)


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