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He's right. They're putting a lot of hype behind Ngannou. He's exciting to watch, he's charismatic and he has one of those feel good stories. He went from a 3rd world country to homelessness in what is quickly becoming a 3rd world country to the U.S. , where he's now fighting for the title. Also, by and large, white fans are more apt to watch black fighters than the other way around. I'm not trying to turn this into a racial thread. Ngannou being dark chocolate is good for his marketability but him being foreign, going from homeless to fighting for a title, his KO power, his exciting style and the fact he seems like a nice guy are all bigger factors than that. He's definitely marketable but I still feel that the UFC never really got behind Stipe. I don't think they thought he'd keep the title as long as he did. Hell, I didn't expect him to do as well as he did. I was surprised when he became a contender, more surprised when he won the belt then flabbergasted when he defended the belt. I don't know if he'll make it out of this one but the guy is a fireman, carries himself well outside the octagon and seems like a cool dude. I can see why he feels like the UFC doesn't give a shit about him. I'm not saying they can afford a huge PR campaign for every fighter or even every champion but they should have put him out there more. If he wins, they're going to be wishing they had.

The problem with the UFC, in a lot of weightclasses, is they keep wanting to create mega stars. They're too focused on the Connor or the Rousey or the Chestnar. What they're missing is that they have more than one weightclass where they have a Foreman, Ali, Norton, Frasier thing going on and they should market it that way sometimes instead of trying to get behind "the one." They're always looking for "The one."

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Really in depth comment, and I agree on pretty much everything.

A lot of the company has turned into hype trains for money, which has hurt the sport as a whole.