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Muay Thai Is Granted Provisional Recognition as an Olympic Sport | FIGHTLAND

'Muay Thai Is Not Completely Back in Business Since the Death of Thailand’s KingWhen Manchester Was Mecca for Muay Thai'

'So, as excited as I would be to see Muay Thai in the Olympics, I just don’t buy it. '

'After all, for all its athleticism and elegance Muay Thai is arguably the most brutal martial art not dreamed up by Russian television executives. '

'And then there are the knees to the head of a fighter caught in his opponent’s clinch: Sometimes such moments can be too much to bear for even an experienced Muay Thai lover. '

'True, Muay Thai will probably be too awful for them and their parents and their grandparents, but they were always going to be more comfortable with the neck-breaking suburban nationalistic frenzy of competitive cheerleading anyway. '

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