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In addition to not retiring on schedule the boomers also rather disingenuously fail to account for the two world wars and Spanish Influenza depopulating high capability people from their own previous generations leaving them with the freest ride in the west since the aftermath of the Black Death. Also the cultural destruction wrecked by anti-traditionalism is every bit as bad as the economic destruction unleashed.

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Lightly buzzed here. He's saying not only are the boomers not retiring on schedule, but they're forgetting how many of their parents and grandparents' generations died in the world wars and due to the spanish flu pandemic of 1918, and therefore didn't have to retire to make room in the workforce for the boomers. This gave the baby boomers an advantage not seen since the generations growing up in the aftermath of the black plague. Then there was something about hippies destroying culture that I'm not quite drunk enough to grasp, either.


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What a tremendous comment. You're absolutely right.


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Also the cultural destruction wrecked by anti-traditionalism is every bit as bad as the economic destruction unleashed.

An entire generation of art school students were discouraged from learning traditional academic skills in drawing and painting due to this cultural trend. While many outside of the world of art may not have noticed this effect on the culture overtly, in subtle ways it changed many aspects of commercial illustration. If you look at trends in movie posters before the 80s, many were painted illustrations. Think of the original posters of Jaws and Star Wars. This was common. But starting in the late 70s and early 80s when boomers began to make up the majority of the work force this slowed to a near stop because of the lack of skilled artists able to work in such a manner. Most posters began using photos in the 80s, whereas prior to that time they were mostly illustrated for nearly 60 years. I've encountered many boomers who lament this about their own training growing up—basically they never learned to draw. Jacob Collins—who started the famous Grand Central Atelier school in New York—had to travel to Europe to get his training in the 80s because so many boomer led institutions had completely abandoned traditional artistic techniques.

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Damn, son.