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Hi, definitely just about to start out with this activity. Thanks for the welcome.
I'm going to start using info from a few places; http://www.lockpicking101.com/viewtopic.php?t=10528 The MIT Lockguide The Lock sport international guide to lock picking plus whatever else

I'm going to be buying my first set of picks pretty soon here..that way I can start farfing about with locks when I'm done my end of semester exams(two weeks from now)

These are what I was thinking of starting with - https://www.lockpickshop.com/PXS-14.html

what do you think of this plan of attack?


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I think you've done some homework and seem pretty competent, as far as learning how to pick for me it really comes down to just doing it and feeling how things feel. Learning how locks operate and making sure you know exactly how the lock you are attacking operates you should be pretty good to go.

just remember a light touch is good, too much is not. be gentle. and most of all have fun and be safe!


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I picked up the same set but with metal handles and have been very happy with them. I also picked up a set of Bogota picks which make raking so easy it almost seems like cheating. I really want to pick up a top of the keyway tensioner so I have a bit more room to work on the trickier locks but that can wait for a bit.