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This video proves what we've always said: the cowards on here have no balls when you confront them and demand that they defend their childish views.

The keyboard jocks on voat are angry because Manhood Academy has been calling out these faggots for a long time and not ONE of them has the balls or brains to live debate the academy.


The best they can do is impotently downvoat. But they obviously are too dumb to argue against the truth :)

So do you know of anything controversial that Manhood Academy has said or done that might have initially set people off? I feel like I'm missing some history on this. If not then that is just sad.

Manhood Academy upset the status quo that came over from reddit. These are the same faggots who can't even see words like "faggot" or "nigger" without throwing a self-righteous SJW tantrum. Everything they do is contrary to MA's position on freedom of speech. And since they don't have the spines to face the academy in a live debate, they only thing they can do is bitch like little girls behind their keyboards.