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I vote Lubuntu! It's runs nicely on my old laptop with 1GB of RAM.

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I have my 2011 Pro set up to dual boot with either OSX 10.13 or Tails 3.12.

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Fastest is the one you tune most. Distros use mostly the same sources and performance on a 7 year old device won't much differ over the distro. I'd go for a more classical DE though, like MATE, or even XFCE.

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"Fastest" distros are just distros that use lightweight DEs and choose less-resource intensive browsers, text editors, and so on. Theoretically you can make any distro as fast or as slow as you want as long as you're willing to put in the time to download new DEs and use different programmes after the installation.

If you're looking for a light distribution that works out-of-the-box straight after installation, then I'd recommend Xubuntu, Lubuntu, or Bunsenlabs in the order of ease-of-use.

Xubuntu is probably easiest to use and easiest to beautify, but relatively slower out of the three. Should still run perfectly fine though.

Lubuntu is pretty simple, but it's not quite so customisable. That said it's a bit more lightweight.

Bunsenlabs would be the most extreme option that comes with Openbox DE, but if you want it it's there. It could be customised to look quite nice if you're comfortable with Openbox, and I don't think there's a mainstream distro with a graphical user interface that goes any lighter than Bunsenlabs.

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Appreciate the comments. I'm reading you all in near-real-time. D/L Q4OS right now and will burn to a CD-R and try it. Just read a pretty good review of it here.

Near-real-time -- better than Marooned in Real Time, eh?

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i'm thinking about how I'm gonna tune the laptop. But, u know what, I gotta figure out just WHAT i'm going to use the box for to begin with. So far its just been an exercise in tinkering and fixing .. what I like to do when not copying Bulgarian Numbers Stations and figure out the Gematra of the numbers.

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