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Thanks. Good info.

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Good point, but their devices are about as close to "libre" as you can get on modern laptop x86 hardware. Even the libreboot people still run proprietary code on their Embedded Controllers, and recommend using proprietary BIOS to update it.

The closest thing to libre hardware that actually exists is the Talos II, and even that has some proprietary code that runs inside its NIC, although there is ongoing work to fix that.

As far as laptops go, I'd say Librem is the best option for now, unless you are willing to use something like an ARM chromebook.

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Seriously man. That was good. You have done a very good digging.

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I'm waiting for this bad boy to enter the market

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I love the sound of this little device. Can't wait to try one eventually.

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2019 was always the ship year, it just moved from January to April in this blog post

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I debating whether to switch from a feature phone to something like this. Do I really need to? I only spend about $200 year in phone minutes for calls. Not sure if I want to spend more.

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I'd say its worth it to be able to use end-to-end encryption rather than relying on cleartext SMS or voice that can easily be intercepted via SS7 or Diameter (in LTE).

If your data budget is tight, encrypted voice might not be an option, but encrypted texting is pretty light on data unless you start sending lots of files/photos. Also Silence still does encrypted SMS, if you really can't afford a data plan at all.