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Dr. Stallman has accomplished amazing things through GNU and FSF. He deserves every bit of respect he gets and then some. With that in mind, please just stop this shit. Even I am sick of it, and I frequently do write and say "GNU/Linux". We don't get to decide how our works are called or used. That's not a privilege anyone is entitled to, no matter how great their accomplishment. The problem is, trying to force the desired language on people is going to turn them against you much faster than it will gain you any allies. Is that your goal?



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You can consider it implied from me when I just say Linux. Please don't send the Secret Police of the Ministry of Freedom(as long you do as they say) after me.


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You can consider it implied from me when I just say Linux.

I understand. It is difficult to change one's habits. Here is a possibility you might like to try. The next time an occasion arises where you would say 'Linux', instead of GNU+Linux, how about just saying GNU? For example:

VoatUser: Do you use Windows?
Datfracture: No way! I use GNU.

It is quite fun to say, and after a while, you may well be more inclined to say GNU+Linux. In this way, you would be carrying on the torch of freedom! :)


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Nah, it's cool. You and I both know what I mean when I say Linux now. It can be our little secret handshake.