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Beta for the win !

I remember my folks having a banged up metal pot used exclusively for popping corn on the stove, just had to melt some butter & add kernels.

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I tried a pan not long ago and burned the shit out of it. I think I need a better pan for that.

Beta was win but was also for richfags or those guys who hung out at the back of the video rental store.

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Or just a lower heat setting perhaps ?

Yeah beta was fun for us because my dad's friends worked for the CBC and we'd get to watch shows and movies he'd borrow from the archives. Regular stuff was all VHS.

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Pop it in oil, pussy.

If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right.

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Actually air popped popcorn tastes universally better than oil popped when fresh (oil popped tastes better later, that's why it's sold in places that leave popcorn out all day). You can add the butter after, melting it in the microwave with the popcorn bag, dipshit.

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VHS is for peasants. LaserDisc is the only real way to enjoy film.

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There's no film in a laserdisc, you mongoloid.

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Popcorn is for noobs. Make yourself some homemade kettle corn

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Fun fact: 3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon.

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In Australia, it's 4.

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I learn something new every day.

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Why is popcorn and movies a thing.

Anyway you want to get some nice coconut oil (not hydrogenated) and a pot (actually this would probably work in the bag too) and just pop it like you're not retarded because Indians used to do this over campfires then hit it with a little siracha. And ashisho but you probably don't know what that is/can't get it.

Anyway fuck you.

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why don't you climb in my ass and call me a bitch

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Jesus Christ, just get an air popper for fuck sake, what are you, retarded?

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Why would I go buy a device which serves one purpose,will cost me money, and eat up space when I have a machine which will already do the job? Are you retarded?

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will cost me money

Maybe five bucks at a thrift store. Totally worth it.

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Air popped popcorn tastes disgusting.

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Yeah, when you're used to eating your own shit and think licking your dog's ass is a gourmet treat, I guess food not cooked with oil and flavored with your choice of seasonings would be terrible to someone like you.

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Heck of a lot better than microwave popcorn. Pan popped ftw.

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You're the bastard supporting china and Amazon at American businesses expense. Booo.

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China is my BITCH. I buy their goddam air poppers for popcorn like the alpha motherfucker that I am.

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Cook it on the stovetop

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