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Not a bad idea there's just one problem. You can't get people to put down their phones for 30 minutes how would you ever organize something on this scale?

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I’m no expert, but there are supposed to be procedures on the books for Americans that wish to “expatriate” from the United States (defined as District of Columbia and it’s Territories; Guam, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico etc) and repatriate to the state they were born, making them an American National, not a US Citizen, U.S. Citizen, or citizen of the United States (yes all of those are different entities with different ownership).

It’s still probably unlikely; but I suppose everyone could technically abandon United States (DC) and United States of America (UK) while never physically leaving their couch or setting down their cell phone.

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That's interesting, hopefully it doesn't fall into the sovereign citizen fiasco.

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The doomsday preppers don't look so bad now.