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Did the 90's cartoon Batman have these?

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https://archive.fo/C1GAG :

Unmanned airship the 'size of a double-decker bus' loaded with high-definition cameras | Daily Mail Online

'It would come equipped with a small, detachable drone that could carry medical supplies, including a defibrillator, to anyone injured below. '

'An unmanned airship could revolutionise police and rescue operations by offering silent surveillance from above using an array of high-resolution cameras. '

'The company claims the vehicle, about the same size of a double-decker bus, would fit a wide variety of applications ranging from commercial uses to ambulance, surveillance and policing applications. '

'The company, based in Manchester, said the airship would be loaded with solar panels, wind generators and storage batteries to keep it afloat for extended-periods. '

'The zero-emission vehicle, dubbed Eon, is designed by British aviation firm Avalon Airships to be a fully-autonomous aircraft that lands on water, allowing it to access difficult-to-reach locations. '

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