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jesus christ....

libertards are about to get a taste of what happens when we pretend theyre right and everyone is just innocent and peace loving....


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It already is like that. You can hit people with bike locks, but as long as you say the right political words (I vote Democrat) you will not face punishment.


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its not.

we are not naturally peaceful.

to pretend otherwise is to ignore about 90% of human history.

the first to be fucked over if they get their way and all government gets shut down and the people have to fend for themselves....

will be the beta libtards who are who they are because they cant figure out why they completely fucking fail at everything they do and therefore blame the system. 'Atlas Unshrugged' 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' (this ones a great example, ex brother in law followed that religiously up until the point he realised it was bullshit, and fucking killed himself when he realised he wasnt going to be filthy rich and independant within 6 months) 'Wish it, Dream it, Do it' all exactly the same level of fantastical bullshit. But only one of them is acknowledged as the fiction it is.


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Nonviolent people shouldn't be jailed anyhow. One of those rare instances where Commiefornicatia makes sense. Fuck the state for putting nonviolent people in jail until being found guilty.


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Adios, muchachos !