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Someone affiliated with CPS saw her and wanted that sweet 8-year old ass.

This is why we need hard parent's rights.

90% of child abuse and child kidnappings happen to children in state care.

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This was normal all through out American history. The liberals never admit they make things worse.

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More police state bullshit from what once was America - innocent citizens get investigated, harassed and even locked up - whether they broke the law or not - while the enforcers turn a blind eye towards the truly guilty, either because of political correctness, or because the culprits are wealthy or because they hold public office. . .

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This is on reason why we have guns.

Ding dong....


We're here because your kid was walking your dog.

BANG .. right in the face..50 caliber hole where his brain should have been

Sure, maybe a slim chance I might go to jail. But after 10 people do the same, how many cops will be ringing doorbells about such things? Fucking zero. They only want their pension and the ability to simply fuck with people until that time. Make them not get a pension and stop them from having the ability to ring your bell for such stupid things. They obviously cannot use any self control and say "I'm not going to bother someone over this..its not even a civil offense let alone a crime".

A few 50 cal. bullets will fix this issue up pretty fucking quick.

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Does mom have a gigantic insurance policy on the kid? Her mom is only technically correct. MOST people do NOT want to murder her child, the trouble is not with them. This reminds of those 10 yo's with black belts. People think that shit is magic. Don't seem to remember there are WEIGHT classes in ALL fighting. I mean, put Rhonda Rousy against a man (willing, not a shill) in her weight class, and she WILL get her ass handed to her toot sweet.

Is the little girl rigged with explosives?