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This is by design, most people are to lazy to.protect themselves or their family. Help me polize hep me.

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The police are militarized because of shit skins. You can only have nonmilitarized police in white and asian societies. If you don't want militarized police then I suggest you vote against open borders because this shit is a self inflicted injury.

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Hard to tell. If they weren't doing this how high would the crime rate be?

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I think it only raises the number of violent encounters between police and civilians, criminals or not. People stop seeing the man behind the badge and only see assault rifles and batons. Our military and police forces are seperate for a reason.

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Yeah. But criminals seem to be getting more violent. If I was a cop I'd want all the body armor I could have. And the most fire power. And I don't think they are carrying that many assault riffles mostly they are standard semi-autos.

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They have military equipment....

But are hardly capable soldiers.

Believe me,,,,

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Perhaps it doesn't reduce crime, but it better protects the police from some asshole bent on taking a few of them out in a blaze of glory. It does this in two ways. First; the show of immense force alone can lead a suspect to give up more readily than if confronted by a couple of cops wearing dresses. Second; the cops have armor to help protect them from anything hot that's coming their way.

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To be honest if I were inclined to get in a gun battle with cops, the ones wearing dresses would probably get the drop on me better than ones dressed in combat gear. It would almost certainly create a pause while my brain processes what the hell I’m looking at.

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The United States is at war with a Narco State. The US is a corporatocracy controlled by the interests of Media Owners, International Businesses, and the Military/Police/Judicial State. There's money to be made selling pharmaceuticals and fear of cheap alternatives, and there's a job to be had enforcing drug policy alongside the usual necessary enforcement of aristocratic values on the underclass.

The aristocracy gets whatever drugs it wants without problem. It's not hard to buy whatever you want once you know a guy. The problem is that those aristocratic values by definition select for only criminals to deliver drugs, and those criminals must serve as their own judge, jury, and executioner in contract and property enforcement. In the criminal mind, it's just one impulsive thought away from thinking, gee I have all these guns, I'd make a lot more money if I killed these guys and stole the drugs rather than pay for them, and so everyone shoots everyone and the police come in to kill or interrogate the survivors.

That's why they need armor.