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If this format becomes a problem, use the Oxford English dictionary to encode the file using English words. There are 171,476 words in the OED, which yields about 17 bits per word. A book large enough to encode a 1 MB file would only be about 1,645 pages! A pain, but immune to government control.

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...just encrypt the fucking file.

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Then you can be compelled to supply the password to police or be imprisoned for contempt.

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Freedom of the press means the printing press, as in we can print and share whatever the fuck we want

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Source code as free speech has already been litigated in Bernstein v. United States 1, 2, and 3, when djb's encryption source code was called munitions and fell under export laws. The 9th circuit (ha!) ruled that source code was covered under 1AM.


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DJB is the only jew that should survive the Day of the Rope.

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you could publish the g-code applicable to a common reprap machine that could then be cut/copy & pasted in to a gcode file and printed.