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She DID have a message economically: support big Wall Street banks.

The message was not well received.


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True, that, and being pro money laundering, pro off-shore tax havens, pro lobbyist, pro pay-to-play, pro diversion of disaster relief funds to cronies.... and against honest, decent, hard working Americans. It's a mystery why she didn't win by a landslide.


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Shitdawg didn't want to upset her donors.
She wanted to be free to sellout the country and not break any promises because in her mind that's ok and might get her elected twice.
Hence, no message.


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https://archive.is/qJoi7 :

The Daily 202: Democrats angry that Clinton had no economic message - The Washington Post

'At the White House: Obama is in Germany, where he meets and holds a press conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel. '

'And Trump transition staffers could finally begin meeting with Pentagon and State Department officials as early as Friday. '

'For eight years, they were unified in opposition to President Obama. '

'President Obama is betting on that. '

'Thirty-seven bills you’re going to introduce in the first 100 days do not make an economic message. '

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