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Thanks for the follow-up. I think her sense of joy is so pleasing to watch.


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https://archive.fo/IcDb9 :

'I was so happy': 8-year-old Japanese drummer talks viral fame, Robert Plant and the secret to great drumming | CBC Radio

"Eight-year-old Japanese drummer Yoyoka Soma has one simple mission: to be the best drummer in the world — and she's off to a very good start."

'"I was so happy and surprised — but I don't want people to pay attention only to my performance video. '

'"My friends didn't really notice that my performance video was getting this much attention," say the young performer, whose star is now beginning to take off in Japan as well. '

'The bassist told us that whenever he makes mistakes during their live performance, Yoyoka gives him a look as she always notices it," says her mother Rai with a laugh. '

'"It's Yoyoka's favourite song, so we decided to pick the song for her to perform," says Akifumi. '

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