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Scream for Help is a soundtrack album by John Paul Jones, released by Atlantic Records on 22 March 1985 to accompany the film Scream for Help. Jones, who had just completed upgrading his 24-track digital recording studio at Devon, was best placed to write and record the soundtrack. Jones asked Page to help record two tracks "Crackback" and "Spaghetti Junction". Besides Page, folk guitarist John Renbourn assists on guitar, and Yes singer Jon Anderson sessioned on vocals "Silver Train", as well as Madeline Bell, for which Jones had previous produced, composed, recorded, and played all the instruments for her solo album Comin' Atcha in December 1973. Jones sings lead vocals on "When You Fall in Love". It was his first full-length album release since the break-up of Led Zeppelin.

Side one
1. "Spaghetti Junction" Jones 5:01
2. "Bad Child" Jones, Jacinda Baldwin 5:46
3. "Silver Train" Jones, Anderson 3:48
4. "Crackback" Jones, Page 4:16

Side two
1. "Chilli Sauce" Jones 4:59
2. "Take It or Leave It" Jones, Madeline Bell 4:28
3. "Christie" Jones 3:08
4. "When You Fall in Love" Jones, Jacinda Baldwin 3:36
5. "Here I Am" Jones, Simon Bell 4:43


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Cool, going to be working through listening to this today, what a nice find :)