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One of my acquaintances is fluent in a foreign language. She is often asked by others, "how long did you live overseas?" However, she has never lived in a foreign country and hasn't even spent more than a week at a time traveling abroad.

When she answers as such people are amazed: "How did you study? You have to tell me your secret." Her secret is surprisingly simple. She just read a ton of books. Thanks to reading she's not only proficient at conversation, reading, and writing but there's also nothing about the culture that she doesn't know.

There's also a young man who left Japan when we was very young and lived abroad for over a decade. He can speak that country's language perfectly but his Japanese is perfect as well. His secret was reading, too. Without many chances to use his Japanese and fearing he would forget it, he always kept a Japanese book at his side.

I want to stress once more that, just as running is to various sports, reading is an incredibly effective way to gain language competency.

By yours truly. It is obviously a fluid translation, not a literal or direct one, aimed at conveying the point rather than being a word for word match.


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I skipped over the translation in the comments part, and thought this was one of the best troll I've seen in a while. Great advice btw.


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Yes, it really is this simple. Hard work is the key to everything you learn. It takes effort, and it may be taxing and time-consuming, but when it comes down to it, what isn't?