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So welcome to Voat. If you plan on transitioning, I have tried to provide a helpful script for you that I've found to mass edit your reddit account comments.

It's pretty clearly stated that when you delete an account on reddit, they will retain your comment history for whatever purpose they deem fit. If you are uncomfortable with that, then stay tuned.

This code is not my own, but was found on reddit and using the PRAW framework, will allow a user to cleanse their comment history before deletion. I've provided the source code below for posterity.

import praw
r = praw.Reddit(user_agent="Mass comment editing script by /u/suudo")
r.login("username", "password")
for a in r.user.get_comments(limit=1000):
    a.edit("Replacement text here!")

I'm still very much a skriptkiddie/hedgewizard myself so I don't think I would be qualified to offer technical support, I just hope that this can help the community here.