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EXCLUSIVE: TheRalph Interviews /gamergatehq/ Board Owner Acid Man About His FBI Claims by MaleGoddess in KotakuInAction


[–]MaleGoddess [S] 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago isn't working right now, but I saved a few of his comments directing users to "go after" me and reported him to KiA mods, they wouldn't do anything about it, but they would ban me for calling out Acid Man in one thread. The dude is literally stalking me, archiving everything I tweet and say on reddit and voat. He will go through my comments and not reply to me, but reply to people who replied to me, so I won't get notifications for it, but when I would go through my comment history and check it, there he would be, spreading lies about me to whoever replied to me, with archives of tweets or comments I posted without context. Before he nuked his reddit comment and posting history and deleted his account, about 50% of it was targeted at me, and 100% of it was targeted at /ggrevolt/.

I mean, it is nice to go to archive one of my own tweets and seeing "this page was archived 6 minutes ago". That how you know you're loved. :^)

Archive this, fam.

edit: if comes up,

edit 2: I highly suspect he's involved in the pastbin that you're on as well.

The amount of pure, unfiltered, autism that went into that pastbin. Mods, I didn't check all those links in that pastebin for dox, but I don't think anyone has the time or patience to even want to look through that insanity, and anyone who would probably already has a copy. It's been making the rounds on Twitter and 8chan.

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Violence and Video Games? (by KiteTales) by GG234 in KotakuInAction


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I find it re leaves stress 8-)

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