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I was unable to speak up during that time period out of fear of reprisal from the judicial system (more on that later) and watched as he was washed out of history

That's funny, because I seem to remember him being the subject of dozens of articles calling him a harasser and being placed under a gag order, unable to even comment on the public attacks he's gotten, while she's been interviewed multiple times, called a badass hero, been the subject of a handful of documentaries sympathetic to her, received thousands of patreon bucks for doing nothing, got a speaking gig on the UN, and don't know what else.

Hey, maybe I just remember it wrong.


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Looks like the Ministry of Truth will have to reeducate you. It's for the best. Big Sister loves you.


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Ikr, fucking revisionist history if I ever saw it.

And she is still trying to gaslight him and the world to make it out that she's isn't a narcassist.

Then she makes a post about how everyone and everything is about her...lmfao!