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Ah yes, the "I'm giving up because I can't win in court, but believe everything I say anyway" defense.


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She reminds me of the Newegg patent trolls.


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And just like that case the victim should turn the tables on the victimizer. She should be sued for defamation of character.


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Exactly. She realises her bullshit has been found out, so she's retreating to the echo chambers. The question is now, can she be counter sued for damages etc?


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Can, but would be difficult cuz women.

(You know the same reason why this bullshit has been going on for so long in the first place.)


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Almost as good as the Chewbaka defense.


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I was unable to speak up during that time period out of fear of reprisal from the judicial system (more on that later) and watched as he was washed out of history

That's funny, because I seem to remember him being the subject of dozens of articles calling him a harasser and being placed under a gag order, unable to even comment on the public attacks he's gotten, while she's been interviewed multiple times, called a badass hero, been the subject of a handful of documentaries sympathetic to her, received thousands of patreon bucks for doing nothing, got a speaking gig on the UN, and don't know what else.

Hey, maybe I just remember it wrong.


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Looks like the Ministry of Truth will have to reeducate you. It's for the best. Big Sister loves you.


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Ikr, fucking revisionist history if I ever saw it.

And she is still trying to gaslight him and the world to make it out that she's isn't a narcassist.

Then she makes a post about how everyone and everything is about her...lmfao!


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I’ve been measured and silent and obedient for so, so, so long

Shit, I didn't even know I had been in a coma. When did this happen and how long was I out for?


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He was the one under a gag order.


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Still playing the victim as always.


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It's nice watching Twitter implode, Jackie the rape whore being called out, Huffington Post going nuclear over Trump, Sander supporters calling out feminists and now Hoe Quinn crumbling under her own lies. I'm going to head over to /v/investing and see if its a good time to load up on Orville Redenbacher stock, this is getting good.


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"Silent and obedient"? She had the press of an entire industry blindly leap to her defence and vitriolically attack anyone who didn't do the same, she got positive coverage all over the mainstream press in general, she gave a presentation to the fucking UN, she brought a lawsuit against a guy who basically did nothing but accurately write about how she cheated on him. I could go on, but words practically fail me- this is like someone pissing on your leg and telling you it's raining, while continuing to piss on your leg. On a bright sunny day.


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I bet she would make the uber tantrum girl look like a saint in the same situation. She's loud, demanding and violent.

I am just glad Eron has assembled a legal team out for blood. At the end of this his team will have made a big career win. If the judge is agreeable Quinn could get destroyed.


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She couldn't win despite having the best lawyers money could buy, while her opponent had literally whatever he could scrounge up from sympathetic strangers or get pro bono from speech activist-lawyers. I'm going to suggest for a moment that this isn't because everyone in law enforcement and justice is stupid or evil. I think perhaps she was relying on prejudgements and initial impressions, and her case fell apart when people actually looked at the facts.

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