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[–] HoocOtt 3 points 3 points (+6|-3) ago 

"MaleGoddess is one of the people who has been attacking proGG users and spreading D&C about boards in order to split boards up and keep them from working together for the past half year."


"I think it's time to ask the /v/KotakuInAction mods to remove links to /v/GamerGate,"


Seems to me it is you who is trying to "split boards up"


[–] pepepepepe 1 point 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Read the topic more carefully, I made that mistake as well. The concern is with the /v/GamerGate mod calling him "full of shit" for asking him to remove links to dox/witch hunting drama, which is in violation of their first rule. Hell, the whole thread is about said drama.


[–] MaleGoddess 6 points -1 points (+5|-6) ago 

and this one isn't? And the one I linked to previously wasn't either?

He's spreading lies and libel. It's completely uncalled for. No one in v/GamerGate was trying to create a divide betweer v/kia and v/gg, that all came from him. He's still trying to push that lie that Acid Man was doxed or attempted to be swatted by certain individuals like me without any proof whatsoever.