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[–] MaleGoddess [S] 1 point 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

And who are you to decide what it is for me? If there was no vote, then why are you dictating what it is to me? I thought we are all leaders, so I decided what it mean for me, and I've decided that #GamerGate was the event that woke me up to corrupt media and the this widespread push for Social Justice/Cultural Marxism throughout our society.


[–] BriarBlack 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

And who are you to decide that for me?

I didn't decide whether you were male or female, I didn't decide whether you were gay or bi or straight, I didn't decide that Race Relations and Homosexual Rights have nothing to do with Feminism, and I didn't decide this. It's just a facet of reality that you seem hell bent on fucking ignoring, much the same way a feminist might ignore that feminism has nothing to do with Race Relations and Homosexual Rights and create something like intersectionality.

I'm sorry reality doesn't conform to your expectations. Except... you know.. I'm not.

Why are you dictating that to me?

I'm not dictating anything, I'm simply reminding you of how things work in reality. In reality, GamerGate is, or was supposed to be, about ethical journalistic practices, specifically in games. Not only does this article have nothing to do with Games, it has nothing, or at least very little to do with Journalism.

I thought we were all leaders

You thought wrong. There are no leaders. This is not a matter of semantics, it's two wholly different ideas, one of these ideas is "we're all leaders that get to personally define our relationship to the subject matter" - You know, like a fucking church or some bullshit, and the other is "Nobody is a leader" which means we need to work as equals as well as police each-other as much as we police those we fight against.

So I decided, For me, I've decided, Me.

Got ourselves a real fuckin speshul snowflake over here.


[–] MaleGoddess [S] 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

You still didn't answer the question. Who defined what #GamerGate is or was? Nice deflecting though.

And you are dictating what it means. You're telling me what an undefined hashtag is. Who made up this definition? Point to who did this.

Everyone is a leader, meaning everyone is equal, retard. That's what it's been for a while. "Everyone is the leader of GamerGate".

If something is undefined, that means it is up to the individual to define. If you want it to be about "actually, it's about ethics in games journalism", then that's what it means to you.