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I'd say there is a bigger overlap of mensrights and theredpill


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Big overlap in ideologies. Remember "Listen and Believe"?

I heard all the bad things about TRP, seen the cherry picked imgur albums, and I decided to check it out myself. I posted my questions on r/askTRP, and shared some of my redpill/bluepill moments in the comments of the main subreddit.

I forget the "stages", as I've said it's been a while since I've viewed the sub, but the first stage is anger, that's men waking up to the reason their relationships failed and Chad Thundercock is railing out their ex-wife. Those are the comments that often get cherry picked. If you were to just go there and read the comments for 5 minutes, you might say, "what a bunch of woman hating men."

The way I saw the subreddit was as a place to learn how to keep your lady satisfied. What women say they want and what they actually want are two very different things.