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I didn't use PUA because from what I've seen on that subreddit is they generally don't like PUA, and you're right, they do share more with the MRM than they do PUAs, but most of them wouldn't consider themselves MRAs.

PUAs use tricks to get girls, where TRP is more of the understanding of why tricks like that work. Evolutionary psychology, and how society has evolved faster than our natural reproductive strategies.

It's been a while since I visited that subreddit, so forgive me if I'm mistaken on anything. I've just given up on women completely and stepped out of the relationship game.


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MGTOW is the term I've heard for giving up on women / stepping out of the game. I think it can be a courageous path because it is nonconforming, and noble because it is staying true to your feelings about the situation. I am biased though because I am in a similar boat. It's hard work going on with life without the goal of getting yourself a girlfriend or wife for its own sake. It sure is character building, but it is slow-going and it's easy to forget why it's worth it. But it forces you to figure out what really matters to you besides solely striving to be satiated, and that forms the basis of your trajectory in life (instead of letting a woman define your life which will inevitably be unsatisfying). Lately I've come to the conclusion that the only circumstance I will actually pursue women for their own sake, is once I feel deep inside that I want to become a father. The search then is for the "mother of my children" as Bill Burr likes to say. Until then, any involvement with women will just have to be incidental and not divert me from my own path.


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Surrogate mother would honestly be cheaper than taking on a woman who most likely will leave you, and she has an 86% chance of getting custody when she does. Then you're paying up to half your paycheck for kids that you don't get to raise and they call someone else dad and you Frank(enter first name here).

How much would a surrogate mother cost? I wonder if any men have done that yet, just skip the girlfriend/wife, and paid a woman to give birth to their child.