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Who would open a free speech platform on a Microsoft service?

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Oh, its only a matter of time...

gab.ai = gabbai


Little is am outlyer making the 'right' seem more violent. Hes getting paid good to pretend this.

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Baseless assertion.

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admitedly, the one where he talks about growing crops of jews for slaughter as retribution is pretty intense. lolol.

come to think of it, the open incitement to break the law through the destruction of govt property in the other post is likely actually illegal. ironically the one about growing crops of jews for slaughter is not a direct threat to a specific target so it might be legal.

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No one would take that seriously in a court of law. yet!

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the one about destroying monuments? he is openly asking someone to destroy govt property before he does so, at a rather specific date. im pretty sure the argument could be made. the jews one no, i dont think its specific enough to be taken seriously.

edit* i love how i get these downvoats for saying things people dont like? in what way am i wrong? free speech actually does not cover open incitement of law breaking. this is settled fact. wether or not you think thats appropriate could be debated. but yeah, its pretty much fact that open incitement to specific lawbreaking is not considered free speech. and im not stating my opinion on if things should be that way, simply that they are that way.

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So Microsoft no longer wants it's safe harbor provisions, because they are now a publisher and not a platform?

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This is part of a coordinated, pre-planned, censorship op ahead of the coming elections. They're doing it under the pretext of safeguarding the integrity of the elections, after what happened in 2016. They started with direct-content on the major platforms. Now they're going after hosting providers for alternate platforms. The 3rd phase will be to go after bandwidth providers for alternate platforms which self-host in their own data centers and/or have distributed, redundant centers. The final phase will be through the DNS system itself, if it comes to that. (Note that Google operates one of the largest arrays of DNS servers).

This is what was discussed at the series of meetings held in Silicon Valley a few weeks ago.

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It shouldn’t matter at all what was in the post, this is rampant unchecked censorship from the same people that went after Alex jones. If it were actually illegal it would be investigated by the police not Microsoft.

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Where is a twitter alt that cannot be taken down?