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Dumb bitches.


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https://archive.fo/cAk7y :

Women's March Releases Statement SLAMMING Trump's SCOTUS Nominee. There's Only One Problem. | Daily Wire

"On Monday night, the Left lost their mind right on cue over the announcement of President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh."

'The hyperbolic email went on to predictably paint Kavanaugh — or "XX" — as an extremist delivering a "death sentence" to women's rights. '

'The confirmation of Kavanaugh will without doubt be a fight, but this would have been the case no matter whom was chosen by President Trump as a nominee. '

'Before Trump announced Kavanaugh as nominee, the media outlet described the pick as "controversial."'

'Clearly, the statement was pre-written, with the name only added in after the nominee was learned by the public, save the one "XX" spot at the beginning. '

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