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Rian Johnson toddling over to Zoe Quinn for sympathy says more about the current state of Rian’s career than the future of Gamergate.

He knows he’s not getting that second trilogy, or any sequels for that matter. His sugar mama doesn’t have the power to give it to him anymore. He’s buying stock in victimhood now to take the edge off.

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I'd argue ZQ is more of a nobody at this point. I think this is just a giant virtue signal

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Don't know who OR what a "Rian Johnson" is. "Rian" is not a proper noun or even a word. Just some androgynous fruitcake virtue signaling to brown snowflakes of indeterminate sexual preference. In other words - a normal day on twatter.

Nothing to see here people. Please move along.

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He's the faggot who walked up to a dying Star Wars and put a bullet in its head.

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Ah. I proudly have not seen a single one of the Disney abortions.

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And GamerGate STILL is the ultimate interwebz boogeyman. Despite of the fact that the entire thing has been more or less dead for years now.