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This would be a good primer except it fucks up a lot of details.

It only names 3 players on the pro-cg side, one of which was Nerkish who has denied being part of CG. He just shitposts comics cringe for lulz. He roasts the comics gate crew as much as the comics sometimes too, which sets him apart even more as a sort of ‘chaotic neutral’ in the comics sphere.

It fucked up the details about CapnCummings. He’s in the navy and has been actively deployed as recently as earlier this year. As a result, his videos got a lot tamer. His earlier videos included a lot more cursing, funny skits, and meme contests.

It didn’t include other big CG players, including EVS aka ComicArtistPro Secrets, who started out as a simple instructional series for drawing by a professional comic artist (hence the name). He was shortly after blacklisted when other industry pros found out about his politics. There was a very public incident of harassment where he was threatened at a signing event, and a day later the window of the comic store who hosted the signing even was broken, but nobody was caught. Still working for DC at the time and not wanting to burn any bridges, he avoided CG altogether for a while, focusing instead on Disney and Star Wars. Recently he left DC (possibly from the blacklist) and started a crowdfunding campaign for an old IP he created that was a pretty huge success. Since the creation of the campaign, he’s started getting more vocal about CG, especially after a blatant sabotaging effort against his comic funding campaign.

Also not mentioned is Doug Earnst, a DC area journalist who is whip smart who had a long running blog long before most CGers started on YouTube. In addition to being one of the first, he’s also got some massive balls for attaching his real name to his opinions from the beginning. He started a feud with Dan Slott (then head writer for Spider-Man) for tanking Spider-Man with terrible plots, injecting politics into the stories, and cucking Peter Parker. This was all long before most of the rest of Marvel’s SJW antics, and is some of the first instances of Comics Gate related drama you’ll find.

CaptainFrugal is another early player in CG, unlike Earnst, he has always gone by a pseudonym and is so cautious about doxxing that he goes so far as to wear a captain America mask when appearing on camera. He tends to be a bit more mild-mannered than other CG players, and is a proponent of viewers reading the bad comics via free sources like through libraries rather than outright avoiding them.

Yellow Flash is probably my new favorite CG person. He comes off with more of a Voat type of personality. He won’t openly say words like Nigger or call out the Jew; not that he could anyway since he’s on YouTube, but he is more upfront about the obvious anti white agenda in the industry.