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Even now almost no one on the rightwing properly appreciates how OFFICIAL this insanity is, this isn't mass incompetency it's PHILOSOPHY to these freaks, a way of life submersed completely in evil.

This is one of those posts that actually should be reposted in a couple of subverses i think, get that french fuck's name spread around. Jacques Derrida.

(2) The first factor is "deconstruction," the brainchild of the French philosopher Jacques Derrida.

(3) Although everyone will blather endlessly about the meaning of deconstruction, here's what it comes down to: There is no objective Truth. All we have are personal truths. Every personal truth is equally valid.

(4) Derrida was--of course--a leftist. He championed allowing foreigners to vote in French elections, and he wanted age of consent laws abolished. VERY leftist.

oh, and also a pedophile who wanted to cheat the voting system. man leftists really never change do they?


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Zionist faggotry