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lol. Those virtue signalers claiming, "now I'll actually consider buying a copy!"

Bullshit. If you've not bought one by now, less skin isn't going to make you a regular.

Why bother lying for worthless internet points?

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Virtue signalling is all twitter users are allowed to do at this point to avoid being put in a limited state, but who the fuck gives a shit about Twitter's garbage platform anyway? It's the shittiest of all of them, discluding Snapchat and Instagram.

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Dumbass repliers, I don't even like the series, nor do I give a shit about games that are basically just softcore porn, but that's literally the point of the series. It's the selling point, always has been, to the effect of them making a whole jiggle physics system for titties just for these games. Honestly, who would give a shit enough to buy a game that's just volleyball otherwise?

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Guess I will have to stop supporting Team Ninja. It was bad enough they caved for DOAX 3, but this is too much.

It would be one thing if the people bitching were actual fans, but they're not. They are the same people that complained when a hentai artist designed a special costume for Soul Calibur: Lost Souls without any understanding that most manga and anime artists started their careers making hentai. Some even still make hentai after their careers take off.

I guess I will have to look into making the games I want to play and the comics I want to read.

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That's not what that franchise is about at all. Fuck them and there PC BS.