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I almost look like Happy Merchant when the left eats itself.

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In what way is this the left eating itself? This looks like the left eating a based right wing woman.

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Oi Vey, any good goy would agree with you.

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The jews arent all evil any more that whites are all racist. Dont drink too much cool aide.

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That sucks that a spouse can lose a job because of a significant other tweeting. Be careful posting personal details people.

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Interesting that the article thinks it isn't anti-Semitic to attack her for having opinions on the internet, but she's anti-Semitic for opposing George Soros.

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A Semitic Anti-Semitic? I can't keep up.

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Self hating jews are a concept as old as jew themselves. If there are two jews in a room together at least one of them hates both of them, but they'll usually still work together against non jews. Ever notice how many ethnic jews who claim atheism as religion are behind a bunch of anti israeli pro muslim bullshit? That doesn't mean Israel is good though.

I'm trying to find a source but the websites that go over that stuff end up getting deleted as theyre shut down by European governments. Anywag though the guy who is probably most responsible for redpilling a huge number of people was a jew. Dennis Wise. He learned the truth and was so disgusted he completely turned his back on them and started making documentaries outlining the globalist cartels actions and showing hitler/world politics from a different perspective. He's notable for the 6hr documentary the greatest story never told (every episode free online) which tells WWII from the Germans perspective and actually outlines why Hitler was so loved and what the NSDAP was actually about. That pissed a bunch of jews off who tried to "debunk" the doc but Wise narrative makes way more sense as to why so many people would follow one man in such a way than the narrative we're taught that the Germans were just cartoonishly evil villains who were manipulated by Hitler and the jews dindu nuffin to cause the Germans to hate them.

His series "communism through the backdoor" is another must watch. It details the actions of the globalist cartel as they try to bring about total control.

It's all stuff that the media and school system have conditioned people to think is crazy but if you study it long enough then things come together. People are actually conditioned to have an emotional reaction to these concepts and believe those telling them it are crazy, but when you think about them with emotion completely cut out and an ACTUAL open mind then you'll start learning. If you had unlimited resources and were working with a group to control everything which steps would you take.

Yuri Bezmenov was a former KGB agent who described why commies would kill their "useful idiot" communists after the revolution happens. This is because some of these individuals will see the results of their groups actions and become so disgusted by them theyll become disillusioned and end up becoming the fiercest opponents towards the new government. It is the same thing with some jews like Wise. They become disillusioned and get so disgusted they start working to undo everything the others are doing.

You can be distrustful of him because he's a jew but in a practical sense no other documentary has led to more people being sympathetic towards the Germans cause than TGSNT

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They sure did do a whole investigation on her, going into her past back to high school; something I haven't seen them put the effort towards in a long time.   I wonder if they plan to use those skills for actual stories?

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It's as if the job was a contract from the foreign intelligence service of some country that does not like outspoken Jews and has operatives inside Twitter who could track her down by her metadata.

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Hey now, that sounds like one a them alt-right conspiracies.

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The bigotry was garden-variety Islamophobia: memes about Sharia executions and child rape, genital mutilation and Muslims torturing and butchering various life forms while dusky columns of Saracens, every one of them a potential jihadist, march into Western lands bent on pillage.

And? I see nothing incorrect about her assessment of mudslimes. Spot fucking on actually.

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The article states her name is Amy Mek.... Amymek.... Amalek..... We found Amalek guys. Op just won Voat.

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TIL: calling someone marxist is racist

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