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Archived version: https://archive.is/1Dsz7

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That last one. Excellent.

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That was the whole intent of the "37 Things Black People ..." article. To be posted as a response to the "37 Things White People ..." and then wait for it to be deleted to show (yet again) the racist hypocrisy of buzzfeed.

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its been archived, and its also on 4chan

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Wasn't it obvious that was going to happen? What can we all learn from all of this? Buzzfeed mods are slow to respond during early Saturday morning hours.

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Don't forget that they are losing so much money they are counting on the general public to do their work for them while giving them none of the profits.

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https://tweetsave.com/polnewsupdates/status/947155203140153345 :

/pol/ News Network on Twitter: "Someone posted “37 Things Black People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018” on BuzzFeed. It was quickly removed, unlike the version targeting white… t.co/82sq4WTpId"

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This is epic. How was this ever posted on BuzzFeed? The fact this isn’t huge even amongst their own readers is nuts!

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37 things

38 things. Half the time I go to Wendys my order comes up wrong.

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The white people one was posted by their staff too.

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