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https://tweetsave.com/omriceren/status/947142542201622529 :

Omri Ceren on Twitter: "Gotta be honest. I got this one sort of wrong. Thought news outlets that helped sell Iran Deal would say protests just about econ not about… t.co/mBUBzks7Na"

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NYT, CBS, NBC use same words as Iranian state-run media

Lee Smith:

Most of the “experts” tapped by the media to comment on Iranian matters have been credentialed and funded by pro-Iran deal organizations like Trita Parsi’s National Iranian American Council. They are propagandists for the regime. Others, like Hooman Majd and Hussein Moussavian, were actually regime functionaries, who now distribute a more sophisticated brand of pro-regime propaganda inside the US.

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In a gaming sub?

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There is a wider issue of the media pushing dishonest agendas and otherwise behaving badly.

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There are both. Previously there have been small scale protests against the government and/or the situation in the country and today there were large, organised rallies in support of the government.